Hand crafted oil lamps & home Decore
Once upon a time, not so very long ago, a young man was searching for meaning to intangible things in life - truth, love, hope, faith, courage.  During his search, he met an old man, wise in years as he was in his appearance.  The old man shared with him the importance of always having hope and faith that God's will be done, and helped him to see that he must continue his search to identify what he believed in.  To assist him in his quest for the things that cannot be seen or touched, the old man gave him an oil lamp with a "candleberry" within its contents.  Whenever the young man might be doubting, or glum, or his search becoming long and seemingly un-ending, the young man was to light the oil lamp.  Always the light of the lamp and the "candleberry" within renewed the memory of the old man's encouragement and helped him to remain focused in his journey.  Today, the Legend of the Candleberry continues.
   Branch offices in South Dakota and South Carolina.
  Bonnie Bukkila
  Sturgis, S.D. 57785
Jeanna Gibson
Hanahan, S.C. 29406
Hanahan, S.C
quart size lamp 21.95+shipping
Jane Gibson
174 310th Ave
vase lamp 25.95+shipping